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Response to The Constituent SurveySM Prompts Expanded Access For Executive Search Firms, Individual Search Consultants

Source: Canaan Ridge, Wednesday February 24, 2010

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Steve Boudreau, Vice President Marketing & Communications
Email: sboudreau@canaanridge.com
Phone: +1 (312) 560-7094

New Canaan, CT, February 24, 2010 – The Constituent Survey developed by Canaan Ridge, the professional development affiliate of RLBenson & Associates, is now available as a separate service to search consultants around the globe.

The Constituent Survey combines advanced information-gathering techniques with a uniquely encompassing reach, allowing search professionals for the first time to gain a complete picture of how they are perceived across the full spectrum of constituents integral to a successful search.

"The depth and breadth of the survey offers individual search consultants – and search firms – a better way to benchmark how the market perceives them. It is a tool that can be used right now to build better client relationships and raise the performance bar," noted Bob Benson, Chairman of RLBenson & Associates. "The enthusiastic response to The Constituent Survey has come from not just individual consultants but search firm management as well." Even participants in the survey have expressed, "These folks have gotten it right … they are asking the right questions to understand how we feel about the way search is done!"

"The best search firm managers saw immediately how important the survey could be to them," Benson said. "It offers an unbiased, comprehensive complement to existing client satisfaction/process audit tools – something critical to planning individual career development pathways for firm consultants, and to enhancing their firm's reputation. Those are critical management functions anytime, but doubly so now, as the search industry deals with the economy and aggressive competition."

The Constituent Survey differs from common search audits by looking beyond the process to the skills and behaviors that really influence the success of the variety of relationships and greatly affects the perception of professionalism. It adds such elements as interpersonal effectiveness, effective communication and other attributes recognized as essential to a truly exceptional search experience.

"In today's environment, it's not enough to think you're doing a great job," Benson said. "You have to know you are doing a great job. And the only way you will really know is by looking at all the elements of successful search, not just one or two."

Additional information about The Constituent Survey and Canaan Ridge can be found at www.canaanridge.com. Additional information about RLBenson & Associates can be found at www.rlbensonassoc.com.

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