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Source: Canaan Ridge, Thursday, October 1, 2009

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New Canaan, CT, October 1, 2009 – With only three weeks remaining before its inaugural development program for executive search consultants, Canaan Ridge today reported a stronger-than-expected interest in professional education among top search professionals.

“We knew that leading search consultants work very hard at improving their skills and finding better ways to build lasting relationships with clients,” said Bob Benson, founder of Canaan Ridge, The Center for Professional Development. “What surprised us was the importance placed on professional development and programs like ours as a means of immediate improvement in practice performance. They want something that they can use now, not just something that will help sometime in the future.”

Benson said the Oct.18-21 Canaan Ridge program in the Washington, D.C. area has attracted widespread interest due to its practical orientation and realistic approach to the needs of the industry. “No one wants to waste a dime on seminars and classes that don’t deliver on the promise of improved performance,” Benson said. “But they will invest in something that has real substance behind it. That’s why we seem to be so well received by the people really committed to succeeding in executive search – the people prepared to do what it takes to be exceptional in this business.”

Canaan Ridge programs are designed by proven search industry leaders and educational experts for the search professionals “who want to take their game to the next level,” he said.

“Our programs provide a complete mix of all the factors that go into success in this business,” he said. “We combine structured learning and group interaction with independent on-line study. We carry out rigorous professional assessment, backed with personal coaching and mentoring. And we create an environment in which search professionals can gather to exchange ideas and make contacts. No one else has put that comprehensive package together before.”

Benson noted that the encouraging response to the upcoming Washington program has prompted Canaan Ridge to hold additional seats for those still interested in attending.

“Some people may want to take advantage of this opportunity, given the easy access to Washington and the quality of the program and participants,” Benson said. “We will hold a few extra seats for those who still want to sign up now rather than wait for one of our later programs.”

For additional information regarding the October program and other scheduled Canaan Ridge sessions, visit www.canaanridge.com.
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