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Canaan Ridge Announces a Second Program Offering in The Exceptional Search Consultant Series

Source: Canaan Ridge, Monday, August 17, 2009

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Steve Boudreau, Vice President Marketing & Communications
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Canaan Ridge Announces a Second Program Offering
In The Exceptional Search Consultant Program Series

New Canaan, CT, August 17, 2009 – Canaan Ridge will launch The Exceptional Search Consultant: Customized (Customized Program), a customizable version of its professional development program for executive search consultants, in Washington D.C. on October 18 – 21, 2009.

The three and one-half day Customized Program has been developed based on feedback from the market, as an additional offering in the Canaan Ridge professional development series, according to Bob Benson, founder of Canaan Ridge.

“Search consultants are looking for a program that can provide actionable steps applicable to today’s market conditions,” he said. “Our Customized Program focuses on best practices in sales effectiveness, personal branding, building client reputation and elements of the ideal search, along with providing a comprehensive look at a relevant subject area that will provide immediate positive effects on one’s search practice.

The strong interest in a Customized Program emerged immediately after Canaan Ridge last month announced the launch of The Exceptional Search Consultant: Extended (Extended Program) – its original 18-month executive development program. “When we described our Extended Program to leading search professionals, the reaction was beyond our original expectations,” said Bob Benson, founder of Canaan Ridge. “We also heard over and over again that people wanted a customizable version that they could use immediately, with the option to continue learning over a longer period of time. I believe this response will enable the exceptional search professional to improve and grow, beginning today and continuing into tomorrow.”

“Our Customized Program is focused on an understanding of the cornerstones of search that are needed to make a marked improvement in one’s practice, while also including one of ten comprehensive elective programs that will afford program participants an opportunity to walk away with new skills that they can apply and benefit from now. For example, at the October program we will be looking in depth at two key aspects of sales effectiveness – sales presentations and closing techniques,” Benson said. “We will offer subsequent elective programs at our other Customized Programs, so anyone who has completed the initial best practices portion of a Customized Program can attend any other elective program they want, whenever they are offered.”

Industry luminaries and leading search professionals will continue to play a critical role in delivering this program. Conducting constituent surveys that measure client, placement, candidate and peer views of pre- and post-program effectiveness will remain an integral part of the Customized Program. Certified coaches will also provide personalized interpretations of constituent feedback and assist the participants in designing a customized approach to meet their specific development needs.

Additional Customized Programs are being offered in Chicago (November 15-18, 2009), Dallas (January 10-13, 2010), New York (February 7-10, 2010), Frankfurt (April 11-14, 2010) and London (April 18-21, 2010). The center’s Extended Program will continue to be offered in annual sessions beginning in New York (September 19-21, 2010) and in Paris (April 10-12, 2011).

Please visit www.canaanridge.com for more details regarding The Exceptional Search Consultant – both Customized and Extended Programs.
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