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About Us

The distinguished talent at RLBenson & Associates leverages their vast experience and insights into the global executive search industry to benefit firm owners, leaders and managers who seek high level guidance in improving their firm’s professional effectiveness, increasing brand recognition and enhancing profitability.

Our flexible and personalized approach allows us to work with clients around the world—from North America to Europe to Asia to Africa. We accommodate all time zones and leverage such technologies as Skype and VoIP to make contact with our international clientele simple and cost-effective.

As your trusted advisor, we help you better understand the issues you’re facing in the broader market and partner with you to create challenging, practical and achievable goals. Beginning with an in-depth and highly personalized consultation, we take an analytical approach (SWOT analysis) to gain a thorough understanding of your firm’s operations and to explore what motivates you and drives your business. Our Advisory and Consulting Services then target and address the specific areas that will help you raise the level of your firm to the highest standards possible.

Our array of Advisory and Consulting Services ranges from Improving Sales Effectiveness to Driving Operational Effectiveness to Defining Your Future View. Unique professional development solutions are offered through our affiliate, Canaan Ridge. Our full complement of offerings encompasses Coaching and Mentoring, working with leaders one-on-one as they articulate a new direction for their business or mentoring mid-career industry professionals through their transition into leadership positions in the search industry.

No matter what your strategy and leadership issues may be, RLBenson & Associates can help you improve your business—both your industry reputation and your bottom line.

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